Rules for Blackjack

  1. Minimum bet $1,000 -- maximum bet $250,000.

  2. A tie is a “push,” including Blackjacks. (No one wins or loses.)

  3. Dealer must hit 16 (or less) and stay on 17 (or more).

  4. Ace can be played as a 1 or 11 in count.

  5. Double down on any first two cards. Player doubles bet and gets one card.

  6. Any pair may be split:

    • ​​To split a pair, player must match his bet and play the split cards as two hands.

    • Player may double down after hand is split.

  7. ​Amount of cards does not matter, no win on 5 cards.

  8. Blackjack pays double. Ace and any ten count card is a blackjack. NOTE: Blackjack is only paid on first two cards. (No double pay off on split cards.)

  9. There will be no insurance bets.

  10. All players’ cards will be dealt face up. Dealer will burn first card after the cut without showing it.